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"It is so wonderful to go away knowing that our dogs are having as lovely time as we are"

 -Sandra [Eloise & Matilda’s Mum]

"We had awesome service with communication about how Odin was faring during the visit. Couldn’t have asked for more!"

 -Arlene & Pete [Odin's Parents]

"Katie and her family welcomed Bayley

into their home like she

was their own"

  -Belinda [Bayley's mum]

"The care, dog socialisation and professionalism

is fantastic!"

 -Cassie & Simon  [Indo’s parents]





Your pooch is invited into a safe,

sociable environment.

We take time to learn about your pooches personality in order to provide personalised care

Our home away from home is a place where your pooch can relax, play and socialise with other pooches.

Experience and passion with open communication.

Our clients receive regular updates during their pooches stay.




Before you make a booking with us, we require you to book a meet & greet. This is a 15 minute appointment at our premises and allows you to view our property and us to meet your pooch. We will do a suitability assessment to ensure all parties are comfortable with the arrangements.


Bookings can be made by calling or emailing us - please click on the contact us tab for details!

When you make an inquiry with us, you will be asked the following questions:

- What is their name

- Their age

- What breed

- Are they desexed

- Are they social with other dogs

- Where do they sleep; if inside (in laundry, in lounge room, in your bedroom, on your bed). Please be specific

- Are they outside through the day or are they inside

- Do they bark; if yes, please provide details. Do they bark at the weather, when left alone, at wildlife, when playing, at strangers, etc

- Is your dog scared of storms. If yes, what is their reaction and how do you help them 

- Does your dog chew. If yes, please provide details. Do they chew on plastic, stuffed toys, clothes, shoes, pegs, etc

- Are they scared of fireworks. If yes, what is their reaction and what do you do for them


We ask so many questions so we can make sure your pooch is suitable to this environment, we are committed to providing a fun, safe place with time, care and attention.

We are an alternative to a traditional boarding kennel, we do not have runs or kennels.

We book up to 8 dogs at one time, this is to ensure we maintain a high level of service.

We ask that you provide as much information as possible so that we can make assess your pooch for suitability to this environment. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and we look forward to meeting you and your pooch!